Shotgun pattern measurement & analysis

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  • Matching a shell to a shotgun means finding the shell and choke that give the best pellet coverage for the anticipated target presentation. The objective is to avoid 'over-choking', which implies a smaller effective pattern (and for game, too many pellets in the meat or a vegetarian supper) but not have such an open  pattern that targets can slip through the centre of the pattern. 

  • From a digital camera image of a shot-shell pattern, Shotgun-Insight removes the tedium of hand counting pellet marks and allows patterns to be stored, analysed and compared.

Pattern analysis previously only available to the manufacturers is now available to you! 

Shotgun-Insight gives the shotgun user unprecedented insight into how shotguns and shells work together with a visual and numerical summary of shot performance.

  • Find-out which shell offers the best repeatability in your gun.

  • Evaluate the performance advantage of 'premium' over 'economy' shells.

  • See the effects of long-chokes versus short chokes, back-boring, forcing cone profiles.

  • Establish if the gun is under/over choked for a given distance and target.

Graphics showing probability of a miss . . . .

Oberfell & Thompson
Full-on clay
Edge-on clay


Numerical summary of shot pattern . . . .


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